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Solutions Sustainable Energy for all

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sustainable energy solutions for all

so now this is the use of electric energy has been too much, almost all of the tools have been dependent on electricity, if there is no power then the tool will not live.
examples such as the lights if no power then the light will not be illuminated if the night is dark, it will feel like that was the paradigm of electricity, if the power goes out as if we went back to the days before electricity was popular.

electricity is very beneficial to our lives, as I described above as being electric staple man for the moment, but can you imagine if one day a source of electrical energy will be extinguished from the world? Maybe you can just imagine if the blackout had severally in your House, you can't watch TV, turn on the lights, home recharge battery mobile phone and much more.

electricity is a source of energy that cannot be renewed, if the electrical energy sources have been exhausted then we have to make or find other sources of energy, below I am going to explain a wide range of alternative sources of energy so electricity remains there.

1. Solar power plant

Solar power plant is a power plant that converts solar energy into electrical energy. Electricity generation can be done in two ways, i.e. directly using photovoltaics and indirectly with the concentration of solar energy. Photovoltaics transform light energy directly into electricity using the photoelectric effect. The concentration of solar energy using a mirror or lens system combined with the Tracker system to focus the Sun's energy into one point to drive a heat engine.

The centralization system of solar energy (of concentrated solar power, CSP) using lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus the Sun's energy from a particular area extents to one point. The heat open their hearts and then used as a heat source for the generation of electricity that utilizes heat to drive a generator. Parabolic mirror system, Fresnel reflector lens, and the solar Tower is the most widely used technology. The working fluid is heated can be used to drive the generator (a conventional steam turbine to Stirling engines) or into a storage medium heat.

Ivanpah Solar Plant terleak in the Mojave Desert will be a type of solar power plant the largest solar energy with the centralization of power reached 377 Megawatts. Although the construction is supported by the United States over funding the vision of Barrack Obama about 10000 MW of renewable energy, but development of this controversy because it threatens the existence of wildlife in the surrounding desert.

Solar cell or photovoltaic cell is a device that converts light energy into electrical energy using the photoelectric effect. It was first created in 1880 by Charles Fritts.

Solar power plant is the photovoltaic power plant type that uses a voltage difference due to the photoelectric effect to generate electricity. Solar panel consists of 3 layers, the layers panel P at the top, the limiting layer in the layers panel, and N at the bottom. The photoelectric effect is where sunlight causes the electrons in the layer panel P regardless, so this causes protons to flow into the layers panel N at the bottom of this proton flow and displacement is the electric current.

Solar power plant is not a new thing in the world, and it is also very easy to do, you can make yourself at home,
If you are interested you can view and download the guide book to make solar power plant at home by visiting the article below,

2. Article sollar system
2. Biogas

Biogas is the alternative energy sources with the depletion of petroleum deposits. This needs to be done because of the increasingly rapid population growth will affect the level of the large energy needs. During this time the petroleum became the main source of energy. The existence of the exploitation of the population then energy demand will also rise sharply. Eventually the petroleum energy sources will run out.

A lot of the way done to address it. For example, searching for an alternative to be able to create new energy sources. Currently many done by many circles to create new energy sources. Alternatives are developed, among others, the energy of solar thermal energy, water, nuclear, natural gas and other other. But alternative energy that is cheap and easy to make too much of it is being done.

The way of the utilization of bio-gas sources. Bio gas derived from cow dung or other animals that utilized gas reserves. With the utilization of gas from cow manure will be used in two directions. Gases of impurities can be used as a source for the energa Cook and lighting. Are the rest of dirt used for fertilizers containing high nutrient elements.

Bio gas that is often referred to with the biogas technology. Biogas is a gas resource utilization derived from feces of livestock. The equipment needed is a biogas installation serves to neutralize the pollution of livestock excrement. To build a biogas installation (Biodigester) that can URmeme.uhi the energy needs of the household, a household must have a minimum of three cows. Energy from three cows this can be used to Cook, heat the water, as well as illumination.

biogas energy energy is not new in this world, and not only that, you can make it yourself at home with a simple way and with the tools that are in your home, if you want to make it you can view and download the guide book to make biogas is already contained in it, a collection of videos and a complete guide to make it, you can through this link below

1. biogas links

3. Hydropower

The water that flows from upstream to downstream. Energy's hydropower relies heavily with rainfall. As we know, the heat of the Sun causes water in lakes and oceans evaporates and forms clouds. The water then falls back to Earth as rain or snow, and it flows into rivers and streams flowing back into the sea. The flowing water can be used to turn turbines that drive a mechanical process for turning a generator that can generate electricity.

your House is close to the river flow profusely? If it's true you can make Hydropower in a simple at home, the tools need to be used there is the immediate vicinity of your home, you just need a set of vanes and turbine, for the moment I have no guide book to make it, but don't worry I will update this article to create a guide. or if you want to find other sources that would be better.

4. Wind energy

Wind is the movement of air that occurs when there is a warm air and cold air. Wind energy has been used for centuries for a sailing ship and a windmill for grinding wheat. Currently, wind energy is used as power stations with wind turbines. Wind energy is very dependent with the wind.

you live in a place that has the wind gusts are pretty toned every year, it is nice to make alternative wind energy as a power plant to your House, you can make it with a simple way and with existing materials around your House, sorry for the moment I don't have a guide or a reference about this, but next time don't worry I will update this article to guide to making wind energy or, if you're going to find from other sources, that would be great.
In addition to some alternative energy that I wrote above, there are still many other ways to create energy alternativ for your home, but maybe I'll update at another time,
See our nature and nature will take care of us.

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