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How to Reconditioning Battery

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Most consumers mistakenly think that a battery reconditioning is an extremely hard procedure to do. Instead of taking the time to learn, many people just throw out the old batteries and simply buy new ones without regard to the costs. Taking a bit of time to carefully learn how to do a reconditioning can not only be quite interesting but also allow you to quickly and easily restore the battery to full power again.

The vast majority of batteries can be reconditioned, especially if they are a rechargeable battery. This includes lead acid batteries, Li-Ion batteries, Ni-Cd batteries and also Ni-MH batteries. Avoiding a hassle and problem by trying to do a battery reconditioning when they first start to lose power can also be useful to extend the life. Many times people wait until they are badly decreased in power before starting to work on the battery, which can create issues in getting them back up to full power again.

Generally speaking, only a few minutes of time, and a couple of household supplies can give you the setup that you need. Epsom salts is typically used for a lead acid battery. A quick call to your local auto parts store is often enough to scare you though, typically they will try to convince you that a completely new battery is needed instead. However, by doing a battery recondition, you can extend the life of the battery for only 5 minutes of your time, and a couple of dollars for the Epsom salts that you need. This is a huge savings and can often provide the exact same power increase as a brand new battery.

Other common misconceptions that tend to abound is that you are unable to recondition Li-Ion batteries at all. While there are some very specific methods that should be followed, many have been able to carefully recondition the packs, however knowing the manufacturer recommendations is very important since these batteries can actually ignite in a fire if they are not properly handled.

The easiest batteries to recondition after the lead acid batteries are the Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries. These are typically rechargeable batteries that are quite easy to find, and extremely affordable. By slowly stepping down the voltage level, these batteries can be restored to brand new almost immediately. However, they should never be permitted to drop below the levels recommended for the battery type. For example, a Ni-Cd battery should not be discharged below 0.4 volts, while a Ni-MH battery should not be discharged below 0.9 volts.

Taking some time to carefully learn how to take care of your batteries will be a great savings. If you have children, it can even make a great science experiment as well. Taking advantage of the wealth of information to not only save money, but also educate yourself on how to properly care for your batteries is a great idea. Proper battery reconditioning is the one thing you can do for your batteries to extend their life and save money.


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